When we first started our SMS service, mobile phones were mostly only capable of making calls and using text messages. The only smart phones were BlackBerrys (still the big blue ones) or some specialist operating systems like Symbian. Even then, you still only had the applications the phones originally came with.

So nowadays, more than half the UK population has smart phones, however popularity of SMS still continues despite a huge variety of online messaging platforms. Why, because 15 years later, SMS is still the lowest common denominator for messaging across all types of mobile phones. When was the last time you received an SMS and didn’t read it? Do you know people who don’t use your favoured messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook?

Using the alpha numeric keys on a handset, you can spell out your unique and memorable mobile number for your service, for example ours is 07TEXT GREAT (07839847328). Alternatively you can go for one of our memorable non-alpha numbers such as 078398 55555. Our systems can then push the message on to you in a few seconds, via a webservice or email. As well as handling these individual messages, we can also help you with regular SMS communications or campaigns (subject to the appropriate GDPR opt-in by the recipient!).

Finally for Microsoft SharePoint users, we have a product that allows you to integrate your SMS requirements directly into your portal using native SharePoint data and lists. No need to use an external system to manage your SMS services.

If you think we can help, please contact us to discuss your requirements.