Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery and business continuity should be considered across all elements of the business but traditionally they are thought of in terms of technology and office relocation. The type of events that your plan should cater for could vary significantly, ranging from a data line outage (predictable) to a terrorist attack (unpredictable).

The more predictable events should be covered by your business as usual operational planning, however the unpredictable events such as a terrorist attack or major incident could have an impact on your organisation in many different ways. You may not be directly impacted by the event but it could mean that you do not have access to your building, staff can’t travel in or that core services such as telephony are put into a restricted mode around your general location. At this point it is key that you have flexibility in your planning and infrastructure to react in a unique way to those very specific situations.

We’ve helped our customers create and update their plans and infrastructure resiliency to enable them to react flexibly if an incident occurs. Whether it is implementing technology resilience through to an office fire forcing relocation, we’ve helped our customers plan and prepare so that when something does happen (and we’ve implemented plans with them), they are able to respond quickly with a flexible solution that minimises operational disruption.

Click on the diagram above to see how a typical organisation can assess different types of risks to their business.

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