Strategic Planning

With most organisations nowadays, technology plays a pivotal role in achieving efficiencies and success. Your requirements will varying significantly depending on the sector you operate in and the service you offer, however most companies over a certain size will all require the same basic infrastructure and systems such as email, financial and operational systems as a minimum.

Furthermore, the world now seems to be full of clouds with more and more software and infrastructure companies telling you that their own clouds are best. However, how do you know, they could be storm clouds leading you to disaster! We know because we’ve helped some of our customers escape them! Alternatively you could run everything yourself on your own servers, after all maybe better the devil you know. The final permutation is running hybrid of the two, cherry picking in a mix and match approach to your technology and infrastructure.

So now add some business dynamics such as growing your profit, moving to more efficient and robust systems, diversifying in to new areas or acquiring other organisations. Having a long-term Technology Strategy for your organisation will enable you create a roadmap that will support the business objectives and give your technology design some direction. Admittedly you will probably start to modify it on day two but it is significantly easier to adapt a strategy as things change rather than adopt an unstructured and unbudgeted approach.

We have helped SMEs and international organisations gain control of their technology and build a strategy allowing for growth, stability and efficiency. The companies we have helped to build and implement their IT Strategies have a combined annual turnover of more than £1bn. We’ve also helped them integrate more than 50 company acquisitions into their respective core business platforms.

The key to our success is that we work with you at all levels of the business to understand how you are unique and how to enhance the business advantages you have or aspire to. With a mixture of old school approach and the use of new technologies where appropriate, we will help you design and implement a successful technology strategy. We have repeatedly worked with privately owned or equity backed organisations to help them deliver a platform to sustain growth and then support their sale process.

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