Voice and Mobile

A significant amount of your monthly IT budget will be spent on your various telecoms solutions. This will include voice, mobile data, office connectivity and possible data centre and co-location services. With a wide variety of possible suppliers, it can be difficult to assess the best suppliers and services to select. Whilst pricing plays a major part, the technology selected, quality of service and contract flexibility are also key factors to evaluate. Rarely are supplier proposals exactly comparable with each other or even match the tender documents you issued with suppliers trying to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We have worked with many of our customers to review and help them implement voice, mobile and data contracts. This complexity is compounded as more solutions converge, however understanding the risk of these consolidated platforms is also key to your day to day operations and business continuity. What you save in one area may cost you far more in another if the service falters or your requirements change.

Over the years, we’ve helped deploy thousands of mobile handsets including migrating users across networks and onto new handsets. As we enter a new world of highly regulated data protection with the emphasis on organisations taking all available steps to protect data along with the ever increase threat of hacking, smart phones and tablets are rapidly becoming high-risk targets. By implementing a mobile device management (MDM) system across your fleet of users, you can implement security standards, deactivate lost or stolen devices and control what functionality each device has. Whilst there is a cost associated with this type of service, it probably costs less than you think and with the ability to control typical monthly overspends, it can pay for itself even before you count the cost of protecting the valuable data held on them.

The types of services we can offer include:

  • Strategic review and design of your communications strategy
  • Tendering and implementation of mobile, voice and data contracts
  • Design and implementation of MDM services
  • Handset selection and deployment

If you think we can help, please contact us to discuss your requirements.