Microsoft SharePoint and IntraQuick®

Because not all of your requirements either fit into or warrant a dedicated core system, we have developed our own application development kit that sits on top of Microsoft SharePoint. As the name suggests, IntraQuick® is an intranet solution that is quick to deploy! It lets you take advantage of the functionality of SharePoint (including Foundation 2013) add then build applications, dashboards and data consolidation whilst managing associated workflows and security access.

Across your organisation, how many important business processes or data sources operate on spreadsheets? They always start as a simple repository of data and then as time goes by, more functions get added, more versions exist in network drives as you share subsets with colleagues and then finally the person who created this monster leaves the organisation and problems usually ensue. It only takes somebody to forget to renew a contract or don’t cancel a property lease and the costs rapidly mount up.

If you think we can help, please contact us to discuss your requirements.