Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with a wide range of key technology manufacturers and software companies to build platforms with the best combination of reliability, performance and cost efficiency for our customers. In some cases, we also have the ability to request special bid pricing, potentially saving our customers between 10% and 50% off the normal distributor pricing. To supplement this, buying through a number of specialist technology distributors gives us access to a vast range of products which we can provide at aggressive pricing.

If we can’t find the components to build the right solution, we aren’t afraid to create them ourselves. Across the years we’ve built services such as interactive kiosks (including the bespoke housing and software), Lotus Domino generic application builders and our unique 07TEXT SMS service. That one is still going strong since we launched it in 2004 and it provides two-way SMS services for our customers to their customers. Using the mobile telephone keys, you simply spell out the memorable number relating to the service, for example 07TEXT GREAT is 078398 47328. Our backend systems manage both outbound services and potentially tailored responses to inbound messages.

Our latest product is IntraQuick® and it enables companies to rapidly build business applications using Microsoft SharePoint as the foundation. The main purpose is to enable companies to migrate away from using Excel, Access and paper for storing business critical or operational data centrally. By using a single set of masterdata records like locations, people and products across all the IntraQuick applications, you can rapidly start to view consolidated KPIs and operational data from what was disparate sets of data silos. Quickly create standard reports and outputs that would normally be the domain of expensive business intelligence systems. Also manage policy documents, capturing who has viewed and acknowledged each document that you want to specifically track.

Another product nearing completion will provide the ability to integrate core systems with automated voice calls out to your staff or customers (naturally only those with the correct GDPR opt-in though). This could be just a broadcast message reminding staff about completing their monthly expenses through to your remote workforce being offered additional shift work. With the ability to protect the call by asking the recipient for their unique pin first, the results are then pushed back to the source system. By automating these calls, you can quickly introduce operational efficiencies across your organisation. We’ll keep you posted on that one as we develop it further but please contact us now if you think this service may be of interest.

If you think we can help, please contact us to discuss your requirements.