IntraQuick is our latest product and is an application development kit for Microsoft SharePoint (2013 and 2016). Many organisations keep business critical data in Excel and Access, or worse on paper, simply because their core systems don’t have the appropriate functionality. The problem from this approach is that you lose control over data integrity and often have many different versions. Also you may want some staff to only see a subset of the data you hold, therefore you end up copying and pasting data across to other versions. Then you have to remember to open the file to view any action you need to take. As a passive system, it won’t send you alerts automatically if you are approaching a point where you need to serve notice or renew something.

Another major consideration is how you join all these pieces of disparate information together into a single overview. With everybody using their own abbreviations and names in their spreadsheets, joining data can be time consuming. For example an office in Milton Keynes could be listed as MK Office, Milton Keynes, MK01 and so on. You could do a find an replace on each source document but that would need to be performed every time you consolidate the data. Creating mini applications with IntraQuick gives you all the standard features of SharePoint like security, backend database service and document management plus the ability to create detailed and centralised web applications across your organisation.

If you need data from other systems, you have both the Microsoft tools and our bulk connectors to import and export data. If you need something in real-time, we can rapidly create you a bespoke webservice to either receive or send data to other systems. Whilst each requirement is different, re-using our standard code means that the bespoke development can be created in days rather than weeks. The same applies to reports and KPIs, if we haven’t got something appropriate, building a bespoke report is straight-forward (assuming the requirements aren’t too complex).

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