Some of Our Partners

Working with a wide range of key manufacturers, software companies and technology distributors means we can get the correct solution for your organisation at a great price. In some cases, we also have the ability to request special bid pricing, potentially saving our customers between 10% and 50% off the normal distributor pricing.

Product or service selection can in part, be driven by a preference to fund it either by Capex or Opex. We can help you with either or indeed a hybrid model of the two approaches. The Opex model lends itself more to cloud and subscription services and as a Microsoft partner, we can work with you on any Office 365 or Azure projects you have. Alternatively if the approach is Capex or you want to get the best value for money from your own infrastructure, we can provide aggressive pricing on Lenovo servers and PCs, Microsoft server products or other systems from specialist software houses such as Access Group.

During our 15 years, there aren’t many technology challenges we haven’t faced but if we haven’t done it ourselves, chances are that one of our trusted partner companies have.

If you think we can help, please contact us to discuss your requirements.